Eliminate The Guesswork From Marketing

Reach Revenue Faster With The First AI-Powered B2B Marketing And Sales Insight And Recommendation Engine

Eliminate The Guesswork From Marketing

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We’re drowning in data

We’re drowning in data.

With so much information to process, we’ve become both overwhelmed by decisions and overcome by indecision. The result is too much time wasted deciphering analytics, with no ROI to show for it.

The world’s first B2B marketing and sales insight and recommendation engine, MAXG (Marketing Advisor for eXponential Growth) turns your data into direction. More than just another analytics dashboard, MAXG uses AI to deliver prioritized recommendations that eliminate the guesswork from marketing and drive results faster.

Get Clear Direction To Your Goals

Powered by AI, MAXG uses your marketing and sales metrics to provide next-step recommendations and clear direction for reaching your business goals.


MAXG provides intelligent performance insights on everything from blogs and CTAs to landing pages and email campaigns, along with supporting data and visualizations to show how conclusions were reached.


MAXG doesn’t just deliver insights. It provides specific recommendations for how to improve performance, along with knowledge-based resources that offer further education on that particular topic.


MAXG knows all tasks aren’t equally important, so it prioritizes recommendations according to which will produce the greatest impact. It also tracks your progress, removing action items as they’re completed and recommending new ones to drive you to your goals.


MAXG knows that not every industry is the same and competitor performance matters. Using industry-specific benchmarks, it offers an objective view of how you’re doing compared to your peers.

Rapid Setup

Start taking advantage of MAXG in as little as 60 seconds, in only three simple steps. Just connect your platforms, answer a few questions about your business and you’re done.

MAXG Is Always Learning And Always Improving

MAXG Is Always Learning And Always Improving

MAXG knows all about your business – from your revenue goals to your marketing and sales metrics. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it also gets smarter over time, learning what works from your program and those of other customers, then sharpening its recommendations.

And MAXG will only get smarter in the months to come. At launch it will integrate with HubSpot and Google Analytics, but it will eventually incorporate data from sources such as AdWords, Salesforce, SEMrush, Marketo and more.

MAXG Makes Marketing Easy

MAXG’s goal is to make your life easier – from prioritizing next steps to providing clear direction toward your goals. But there are a number of other ways it makes marketing easier.

Filter Insights

Filter Insights

Use MAXG’s default prioritization to choose specific focus areas to work on.

Assign Tasks To Users

Assign Tasks To Users

Assign the action items recommended by MAXG to other users to expedite workflow and completion.

Share With Users

Share With Users

Share MAXG’s insights and recommendations with others via email or PDF and CSV exports.

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