Become A MAXG Agency Partner

Improve Engagements, Increase Client Satisfaction And Grow Revenue

Give Your Clients More Than Just Data

Your clients demand data. But dashboards only report, they don’t tell you what the numbers mean or how to improve performance. And analyzing each client’s data and providing recommendations is a huge drain on resources.

As a MAXG agency partner, you get access to the world’s first AI-powered marketing recommendation engine. With it, you can quickly, efficiently and affordably give every client intelligent insights and prioritized recommendations tailored to their specific goals.

Are You A Match For MAXG?


If you’re a HubSpot partner agency, MAXG is right for you.

Whether you have 2 clients or 200, MAXG works equally well. Highly efficient and scalable, it puts the power of data in the hands of small shops and frees larger agencies from the need for analytics teams.

These Agencies Are Already Making MAXG A Competitive Advantage

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Partnership Has Its Benefits

MAXG allows you to easily turn client data into clearly defined and prioritized next steps, but getting those recommendations isn’t the only benefit of being an agency partner. You can also use the platform to increase revenue and provide data-driven proof of how you’ve helped performance.

Improve Monthly Planning

Use MAXG’s recommendations to:

• Reduce the time you spend digging through data
• Create monthly plans that prioritize tasks

Expand Engagements

Because MAXG looks at a variety of factors that affect performance, it can uncover cross-sell and upsell opportunities for work not scoped in an initial engagement.

Boost Your Sales Process

Leverage MAXG’s insights and recommendations in the sales process to show prospects where work needs to be done and how you can have an immediate impact on performance.

Get Enhanced Support

Enjoy exclusive access to the MAXG team. We can work with you to create custom insights and recommendations or provide extended free trials.


As an agency partner, you’ll enjoy great savings on MAXG. You’ll also get a free MAXG account, as well as premium agency training and onboarding support. Just sign up two clients within the first year to maintain your free agency-partner status.

$129 monthly

$1,290 annually
(get two months free!)

  • Includes one free agency account
  • + 10 client accounts

$10 per additional site (normally $29) (save 65%)


Want To Improve Client Performance?
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MAXG Tells You What To Do Next To Meet Each Client’s Goals