Our latest product updates include features, optimizations and bug fixes that will improve user experience and overall performance.

Improved Workflow And Functionality

We have completely reworked the organizations feature, optimizing the user experience to provide a tool that lets you manage user permissions more easily.

Previously, every site connected to MAXG had its own users, so agency users who were managing multiple sites had to assign users to each site individually. With this new feature, you can create an organization, such as “[Agency Name]” or “Chris’s clients,” that covers multiple websites.

Within this organization, you can add new users, and decide the level of access for each, in one spot. You can also assign multiple sites to a particular user, giving them admin access as needed, or reassign sites to different users.

This update drastically improves your workflow and keeps things running smoothly.

HubSpot Datasource Requirement

Another update is the new HubSpot datasource requirement. Previously, HubSpot was an optional plug-in. We’ve found that HubSpot provides the best data for recommending improvements, so we’ve made it a required MAXG data source. This will ensure the best insights and results for your clients.

Other Optimizations And Bug Fixes

Other new features and bug fixes include:

  • Optimized email engagement insights

  • Improved CTA detection in recommendations

  • Updated dashboard API to load insights faster

  • Enhanced site creation UI with updated menus

  • Updated benchmarks and optimized insight generation rhythm

  • Revamped CTA click-through rate ordering

  • Fixed list decay bug

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